A fish-loving, book-hogging quintessential pseudo-Bengali (read probashi) brought up all over India (Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai). A graduate of the mystical institute in the deserts of Rajasthan (BITS, Pilani). Wanting to continue to procrastinate making life decisions, I hopped aboard the MBA bandwagon at IIM Bangalore. I love great conversations and am always open to explore (the city, cuisines, people and their stories, the works). Francophile, aspiring Egyptologist, swimmer, and adorer of coming-of-age-films and exotic music (often Middle Eastern, Baul or Western Classical).

I’ve vacationed with family and spent exchange terms in 24 countries in Europe, 4 countries in Asia and backpacked across my absolute dreamland of Egypt for a month-and-a-half.

Founder of QUEst, IIMB— to advocate for rights of minority groups such as LGBTQ, women and PwD.

Feel free to chat me up. I’m sure we have ‘a lot to talk about’! 😉


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