Day 6 and 7 (Sept 2 and Sept 3, 2017)- Helsinki is a city meant for walkers. We got off our cruise to be immediately greeted with the scent of cooked salmon,eel and a fish akin to the ‘shutki‘ in Bengal. The church right next to the docks was a scene of calm and devotion. Winding our way through lanes with towering, intricately carved buildings, we headed to what was the most Finnish experience of them all — the sauna. It’s pretty daunting at first, because you enter butt-naked into a steaming room only to plunge into ice-cold water a few minutes later. Shedding inhibitions — both literally and metaphorically! Exhilerating and refreshing. Sauna, sea-food and ships.

Visit: Uspenski Cathedral, Flea Market at the harbour, Helsinki Railway Station, H&M, Museum of Contemporary Art, Finnish sauna

Eat: Fazer Bakery (first floor, in the mall opposite the railway station), fresh fish at the flea market

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