Day 4 and 5 (Aug 31 and Sept 1, 2017)- Copenhagen’s Nyhavn is an eclectic mix of languages, world food (all overlooking the insanely beautiful port) and colorful buildings. Bustling waters full of kayaks, pleasure boats, tourist jetties and commercial ships — all trying to navigate the impossibly low bridges (only a prayer and skilled manoeveuring can save you in the high tide!). Also Danish hospitality really had us impressed. We forgot a shoe at one of the bus stops and surprisingly found it neatly at the same stop over an hour later (with a promise from the bus driver that they’d look for it as soon as possible). The Danes are also extremely open-minded — with most nightlife hotspots sporting the rainbow flag and an entire (independent) former military complex turned into an enclave for lovers of the green herb (Freetown Christiania). Also, cycles. They’re everywhere. Owning a cycle seems to be a style statement here, not a car!
Don’t forget to get drunk on all the beer at Carlsberg. With the number of Michelin-starred restaurants, nightclubs, beer microbreweries and football fanatics, it’s no wonder that all work stops latest by 6 p.m.! Don’t forget to try out Danish pastries and ice-creams at Nyhavn, they’re to die for! Bicycles, beer and Bakken!

Visit: Rosenborg Castle and park, Nyhavn (for airy cafés, canal tours and stunning sunset views), Carlsberg factory (entre fee of EUR 10), Freetown Christiania (all things outrageous!), Church of Denmark, Amargertorv (Central plaza),Christiansborg Palace, Strøget (shopping area), Tivoli Gardens (closed for a few days in September owing to preparations for Halloween), Copenhagen Canal Tour (at a reasonable EUR 14/person— and it’s much more fun AFTER you’ve tasted all that the Carlsberg Museum has to offer 😉

Eat:  Papirøen (world cuisines), Bakken, Jolene, Lagkagehuset (at the Railway Station)

Pro-tip: The Copenhagen Travel Card is a great saver and allows you to use several modes of public transportation economically. And DO try leveraging your friends who live in Copenhagen as AirBNB/hostels are prohibitively expensive!


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