Jagriti Yatra 2015

“The two most important days of your life are
One: the day you were born and
Two: the day you figure out why.”

The beauty of an 8,000 km yatra across 10 states of India by rail is its sheer unpredictability.

You cannot forcefully stop the ceaseless rattling of the bogie when you precariously balance on the pot,

You cannot change the pace at which the train decides to chug into the stations,

And you certainly cannot expect to not share your most intimate snore or bowel cycles.
But who says all that needs any changing at all?

Doesn’t the greatest change start from within?
Can you force it? Can you predict it? Can you Excel sheet it?

Certainly not.

But can you kindle it with your compassion, patience and understanding until it becomes so great that it can’t remain contained within you anymore.

That, and that alone, is what IS certainly possible.